Change Log

Version Release Date Notes
1.12 03.18.2015 Fixed bug that prevented the menu from displaying on some devices.
1.11 11.27.2014 Added functionality to support Android 5.0.
1.10 8.05.2011 Updated encryption function to improve performance.
1.09 7.24.2011 Fixed bug that was causing encryption errors for users upgrading from 1.07.
1.08 7.17.2011 Improved the encryption methodology to prevent data issues when users upgrade from Android 2.2 to 2.3.3. Users are encouraged to create new backup files as backups from previous versions will no longer work with version 1.08.
1.07 6.11.2011 Added an import/export to clear text CSV feature. Added Android 2.3 upgrade warning.
1.05 & 1.06 5.19.11 Addressed a force close issue.
1.04 5.12.11 Cleaned up some code that could potentially have caused force close issues.
1.03 4.29.11 Changed input types to not capitalize sentences in urls. Added a long click option to copy the user name rather than the password to the clipboard.
1.02 4.21.11 Corrected app name on Splash screen as it was still using the development code name.
1.01 4.19.11 Can now be installed to SD card (for users of 2.2 or greater). Added support for small and landscape layouts for the password entry screen. Changed the backup/restore location. Documentation on the website has been updated to reflect the change should users need to restore from an older version.
1.00 4.09.11 Initial release of paid version of the Masterkey app.