Backup & Restore

From the Passwords screen, press the menu button and select ‘Settings’. On the settings screen, scroll down to the Database Functions section and click ‘Backup’.

In order to backup the database, users must enter a password to encrypt the backup data with. Sensitive data in the backup file will be encrypted. Enter a password and click ‘Backup’. This function will create a folder on the device’s SD card named ‘masterkey’ and write a backup file named ‘masterkey.backup.csv’. We highly recommend that this file be copied off of the device for safe keeping on a periodic basis. We’ve provided an easy method for doing this on the Settings screen. The ‘Email Backup File’ option will attach the backup file to an email, and prompt the user to enter an email address to send the backup to.

Version 1.0 incorrectly created backup files named ‘passlocker.backup.csv’ in a directory named ‘passlocker’. Users running v1.01 and later that want to restore from a backup created in v1.00 will need to manually rename the old backup file and move it to the ‘masterkey’ directory. If you need assistance with this, please contact support.


The ‘Restore Backup’ function on the Settings menu will attempt to restore the backup stored on the SD card. Before data can be restored, the user will need to enter the password used to create the backup file. Before continuing, the user will be prompted to confirm that they want to purge the database and restore from a backup. Any data entered after the backup file was created will be lost.

Restore Success/Failure

If an incorrect password was entered, the app will notify the user of the failure, otherwise it will report that the restore was successful. Press the back button to go back to the Passwords screen to verify that your data was restored properly.