Getting Started

When you start Masterkey for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a splash screen containing details about the current version of the app, the support website, and contact information. Occasionally, important messages and change log information will appear here as well. Two buttons at the bottom of this screen will allow users to either continue using the app, or to open this website.

Setting a Password

To maintain security and limit access to the Masterkey app, users will be required to set and confirm a password before using the app. Simply press a combination of numbers and press enter to continue. Confirm the password by entering the same password again. This password will be required every time the application is opened.

Your First Password

Once you enter the app, you’ll be presented with the ‘Passwords’ screen. Once you enter passwords, they will appear here. For now, press the ‘Add’ button to add a new password.

The ‘Add Password’ screen allows users to enter a name (account name/description), user (not required), password (required), website url (not required), and additional notes (not required).

Entering Passwords

After entering information into the fields, click add to add the password to the database. The ‘Passwords’ screen will display again, showing the newly added entry.

Generating Passwords

Occasionally, it is helpful to be able to create a randomly generated password. Masterkey offers this functionality when adding or updating a password record. To generate a random password, simply press and hold on the password field. A menu will pop up prompting the user to select ‘Generate Password’ or ‘Copy’. After selecting ‘Generate Password’, the app will fill in the password field with a randomly generated password consisting of upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Copying a Password to the Clipboard

To quickly copy a password to the clipboard, simply click on a password in the list on the Passwords screen. If a website URL is entered for the password, the user will be prompted to decide if they would like the site opened in a web browser. If a website url is not specified, a message will simply display indicating that the password is now copied to the clipboard.

As a security feature, this app includes a function to clear the clipboard after two minutes to prevent copied passwords from accidentially being left on the clipboard. This can be turned off from the Settings menu.

Passwords Menu

Pressing the menu key from the Passwords screen gives the user several options. From here, users can elect to sort the passwords based on alphabetic order, or the number of times a password has been accessed. The latter option sorts more frequently used passwords to the top. Users can also access the initial Splash screen and Settings menu from this menu.

Settings Menu

The settings menu offers a variety of options and features.